Trauma survivors often come to the practice of yoga on the recommendation of their health care providers, to cultivate, “the simple body awareness that makes it possible to gauge, slow down, and halt traumatic hyper-arousal, and to separate past from present (Rothschild, 2000).”

Fine Balance Trauma Informed Yoga classes are designed to meet the unique therapeutic needs of individuals living with the somatic aftermath of trauma. Therapeutically-based classes help students gently reconnect with their bodies in a safe, supportive manner that emphasizes choice, mindfulness and ease. An ideal adjunct to traditional psychotherapy.

Angel Hands Integrative Centre Presents: A Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Series Facilitated by Nicole Marcia, MA, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator
6 Thursdays/ October 19 – November 23, 7:00 – 8:30pm

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an evidence-based treatment protocol for complex trauma and treatment-resistant PTSD developed by leading researchers in the fields of trauma & psychology. TCTSY is the first somatic modality to be scientifically proven as an effective adjunctive treatment for psychological trauma. It engages the neural networks in the brain that are damaged by trauma. This series is designed specifically to cultivate safety & heal trauma held in the mind & body. It is open to anyone who self-identifies as having experienced trauma. You do not need to have an official PTSD diagnosis to participate, nor do you need to have prior yoga experience. Mats will be provided.
Angel Hands Integrative Centre Suite 201 – 1416 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver
Pre-registration required; no drop ins. Maximum 15 students.  
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Yoga for Resilient, Embodied Well Being with Nicole Marcia @Ocean & Crow Yoga/Space
6 Wednesdays – November 8 – December 13, 5:45 PM – 7:15 PM
Yoga can support us to feel more at home in our bodies and calmer and more confident in the world. How and why does yoga work? How can we integrate what we experience in practice into our lives? How do our bodies and emotions inform one another? This interactive class series explores how yoga and mindfulness may support our ability to thrive emotionally and in turn contribute to the well-being of our communities and beyond. Each class will focus on aspects of personal and social health and will include education, reflection and integration through a gentle, all -levels yoga practice. Students will learn simple, body-based, self-regulation techniques to support resilience and a sense of agency in their bodies and will be better equipped to manage stress, trauma, depression and anxiety. This class series provides a space for personal inquiry and illumination for anyone who would like to tap into their own emotional, resilient beings. This trauma informed class will emphasize internal experience, choice making and moving safely together from a supported place of embodied empathy and attunement. No hands-on assists will be offered in this class. Beginners are welcome.
$115+tax Late registration (after October 28th) $126+tax
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Mindful Movement for Women: A Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Series with Sarah Holmes de Castro in Victoria @ Ajna Yoga/Monterey Studio
6 Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45pm  November 8-Dec 13
This series is designed for women living with complex trauma or chronic PTSD. Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an empirically validated, adjunctive clinical treatment for complex trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD.
$180+tax before October 31 $210+tax. after. Pre-registration required; no drop ins. Maximum 12 students.
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**Please contact Sarah at if a sliding scale rate is needed. 

To discuss bringing a Fine Balance Trauma Informed Yoga Class to you contact me.  To discuss developing classes on Vancouver Island, please contact Sarah Holmes de Castro.

“I just wanted to share how much I loved tonight’s class. You know, yoga has been something I have wanted try again, for a long time now, but never got around to it. I did try it 3 different times/classes/teachers about 10 years ago or more, but it never was a match – too hard to get myself into those positions and I was very self-conscious. However, tonight was different. It helped being so small and intimate but more then that it was ‘you’. You made me feel so completely comfortable to be exactly where I am in my own skin as it is now. I mean really, what else is there?! You are a gifted woman who has an innate ability to ‘tune in’ and to lead through the lens of unconditional acceptance.”

Participant, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Classes for Women, 2013