Fine Balance Yoga is developing a unique offering that brings trauma-informed Yoga therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing) together to support those struggling with PTSD, panic attacks, disturbing memories, phobias, pain, performance anxiety and stress reduction.

  • When a person is very upset, their brain cannot process information as it does ordinarily.
  • EMDR seems to have a direct effect on the way that the brain processes information.
  • Following a successful EMDR session, a person no longer relives the images, sounds, and feelings when the event is recalled. You still remember what happened, but it is less upsetting.
  • EMDR appears to be similar to what occurs naturally during dreaming or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Therefore, EMDR can be thought of as a physiologically based therapy that helps a person see disturbing material in a new and less distressing way.
  • The goal of EMDR therapy is to process completely the experiences that are causing problems, and to include new ones that are needed for full health.
  • “Processing” does not mean talking about it, in fact you don’t need to tell me anything about the experience that you want to process. “Processing” means setting up a learning state that will allow experiences that are causing problems to be “digested” and stored appropriately in your brain. That means that what is useful to you from an experience will be learned, and stored with appropriate emotions in your brain, and can guide you in positive ways in the future.
  • The goal of EMDR therapy is to leave you with the emotions, understanding, and perspectives that will lead to healthy and useful behaviors and interactions.
Scientific research has established EMDR as effective for post traumatic stress.  However, clinicians also have reported success using EMDR in treatment of the following conditions: panic attacks, disturbing memories, phobias, pain, performance anxiety and stress reduction.
WAYS TO WORK WITH ME: EMDR & Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy
PAY AS YOU GO (90 min) $125.00
10 SESSION PACKAGE (90 min – 3 months) $1200.00

“Working with Nicole over the last several years has been a pleasure. Nicole’s passion and professionalism have helped Yoga Outreach to create a dynamic and engaging training for our potential volunteers. Her continued commitment to Yoga Outreach has been an integral part of our development as a leader in trauma-informed yoga programming and education. I am continually amazed at her capacity for empathy, her integrity in developing meaningful relationships, and her ability to ignite passion in her students. Her courage, strength, and compassion continue to be a gift to the organization and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.”

Delanie Dyck, Executive Director, Yoga Outreach