Trauma informed Yoga Therapy is a modern complementary healing modality in the field of trauma recovery. I deliver informative, dynamic and interactive lectures and presentations educate participants about the many benefits of Yoga for trauma survivors.


The Benefit of Yoga for Mental Health in Seniors
The Tommy Douglas Branch Public Library– 7311 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 1G8
Thursday, August 24: 5:30-7:30 pm

Traumatic events happen to everyone and can range from a distressing childhood to singular, painful disruptive events (i.e. difficult child delivery, loss of a loved one, divorce, etc.). Such common events can result in isolation and feelings of helplessness. Traumatic stressors can result in chronic pain, disordered eating, addiction, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Trauma-informed yoga can help by introducing better coping skills and helping to connect to the present moment in a safe and empowering way. This highly interactive 2 hour lecture is for anyone who wants to understand more about traumatic experience and how yoga can help.
Attendees will:
– Gain a theoretical and experiential foundation in trauma informed Yoga theory and techniques.
– Understand the therapeutic application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga when working with depression, anxiety, addictions, PTSD and complex trauma.
– Explore & practice therapeutic breathing and grounding techniques and some of the physical forms of Yoga.

Attendance is free, but seating is limited. Programs that have low enrollment may be cancelled, so please register by phone at: 604-522-3971, in-person, or online.

The Kiloby Radical Recovery Online Summit 2017 September 23 & 24, 2017
I have been interviewed for the Radical Recovery Summit and invite you to join us. Existing models of addiction recovery are notoriously ineffective. Relapse rates of up to 90%, combined with surging rates of addiction and the opioid overdose crisis bring an urgency to improving the field of addiction treatment. The Kiloby Center for Recovery’s goal in hosting this is to bring together innovators in the field of recovery from addiction. We are thrilled to offer two dozen diverse and interesting interviews with leading people in this field. Keynote speakers include Scott Kiloby (Kiloby Center for Recovery), John Dupuy (Integral Recovery, iAwake), Nikki  Myers (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery), Tommy Rosen (Recovery 2.0), Robert Weiss (Digital-age Intimacy), Pati Hernandez (Dartmouth College/Prison Arts project), Rick Hanson (Neuroscience and Happiness) and Richard Miller (iRest). Our speakers cover a broad range of innovative programs, hands-on work and radical perspectives.

Previous lectures and conferences include:

  • 17th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference, Victoria, BC
    An Introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga, August 2015
  • Burnaby Public Library, Vancouver, BC
    The Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health & Addiction: A Trauma Informed Approach, January 2015 & June 2016
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Services, Vancouver, BC
    Yoga for PTSD, November 2015
  • Copeman Health, Vancouver, BC
    The Benefits of Yoga, September 2013
  • Humanworks, Vancouver, BC
    Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Self –Regulation, January 2013
  • JR Rehab Services, Vancouver, BC
    The Benefits of Yoga for Trauma, July 2016
  • Respect Your Universe, Vancouver, BC
    Yoga for Emotional Resilience, April 2016
  • The Burnaby Center for Mental Health and Addictions Pain Management Group, Vancouver, BC
    The Benefits of Yoga for Chronic Pain, Bi-annually since 2014
  • The Jewish Feminist Psychologists Gathering, Vancouver, BC
    An Introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga, January 2016
  • The Teachers Integration Program
    Guest Speaker Series, June 2016
  • The Vancouver Foundation Knowledge Camp
    An Introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga for Youth at Risk, June 2016
  • The Vancouver Wellness Show, Vancouver, BC
    An Introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga, 2015 & 2016
  • The Wellspring Conference, Vancouver, BC
    An Introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga, October 2013
  • Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC
    Trauma Sensitive Yoga, November 2014
  • The Annual  Victoria Yoga Conference
    An Introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga February 2014 – 2017
  • The Tommy Douglas Branch Library, Burnaby, BC
    The Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health & Addiction: A Trauma Informed Approach 2016 – Present
  • Mcgill Branch Public Library, Burnaby, BC
    The Benefit of Yoga for Mental Health in Seniors 2017 – Present
  • The Kiloby Radical Recovery Online Summit 2017 September 23 & 24, 2017

To inquire about having me coming into speak at your event or organization contact me.


“Nicole was one of the featured speakers at our Burnaby Public Library events last summer. I was impressed not only with the content of her talk, but with the way she expressed herself. As she relayed her personal and professional journey, she connected with the audience in a very authentic way. Her ability to share her vulnerability and her drive to improve the life of others with her expertise was truly humbling. Nicole is an excellent communicator who knows how to teach and inspire!”
Paola Ardiles, Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University, Founder, Bridge For Health