2021 – podcast
Getting Jewcy (episode 45): Watch or Listen

2021 – interview
CKNW Health Series Interview: Nicole Marcia with Matt Johnston from First Responder Health

2019 – webinar
PART I The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education: A Heart-Mind Interview: Trauma, Stress, and Teens
PART II The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education: Heart-Mind Yoga for Trauma and Stress

2018 – podcast
The Professional Yoga Teacher Online Course
Self Care & Holding Space: A conversation with Natalie Rousseau & Nicole Marcia

2017 – news
Yoga for detained B.C. youths helps those living with trauma trust their bodies

2017 – podcast
Kiloby Radical Recovery Summit

2017 – Q&A with YogiTunes 
Establishing Trust: TCTSY Facilitator Nicole Marcia on Trauma Sensitive Yoga Practices

2017 – MA Thesis
The Meaning of the Lived Experience of non-attachment for Long-term Yoga Practitioners by Andrew Herfst, B.F.A., Simon Fraser University, 2002.The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (Counseling Psychology). The University Of British Columbia (Vancouver). April 2016.

2017 – MA Thesis Excerpt
Rachel’s Story of Yoga
Stories of Yoga and Recovery Told by Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma: Exploring Body, Self and Relationships. By Nicole Marie Brand-Cousy. The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (Counseling Psychology). The University Of British Columbia (Vancouver). April 2016.

2017 – blog 
Holding Space
Halfmoon Yoga

2017 – blog 
What Does it Mean to Hold Space?
Yoga Outreach

2017 – news
Suffering ‘trumpitis,’ Vancouver yoga studio bans talk of U.S. President
The Vancouver Courier

2016 – podcast
The Kent Brun Podcast

2016 – radio 
Trauma – Centered Yoga Helps Patients With PTSD
The Simi Sara Show on CKNW Radio

2016 – guide book
Langara College Continuing Studies Guide Book Page 31

2015 – news
Using Yoga to Heal Complex Trauma
Victoria News 

2015 – podcast
The Trauma Therapist Podcast Interview

2015 – research
Exercise as medicine—the use of group medical visits to promote physical activity and treat chronic moderate depression: a preliminary 14-week pre–post study 

2015 – blog
How Yoga Can be Used as a Tool for Recovery
with Phyllis Chan 

2015 – news
Q&A: How yoga can help with trauma, mental health and addiction
Burnaby News

2015 – blog
Victoria Yoga Conference Interview  &  Review It’s All Yoga Baby!

2015 – radio
Drishti Point Radio
Interview with Farah Nazarali

2014 – news
Tyler Hooper’s article on PTSD
The Vancouver Sun 

2014 – online class
Trauma Sensitive Practice

2013 – tv 
the Mood Disorders Association of BC
Global TV

2013 – magazine
BC FIT Magazine

2013 – research
Physical Activity for Marginalized Women in British Columbia: A Discussion Paper
The BC Centre for Excellence in Women’s Health

2012 – radio 
Yoga Outreach
French CBC Radio

2012 – video 
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“Each word she speaks carries deliciously digestible weight.  And she also listens to body as well as vocal language.  You feel like you are accepted and that you matter.  She is immediately trustworthy, and full of grace, top that up with her knowledge on the topic and you have a winning format.”

– Participant, Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, 2015