Trauma survivors often come to the practice of yoga on the recommendation of their health care providers, to cultivate, “the simple body awareness that makes it possible to gauge, slow down, and halt traumatic hyper-arousal, and to separate past from present ” (Rothschild, 2000).

Fine Balance Trauma Informed Yoga classes are designed to meet the unique therapeutic needs of individuals living with the somatic aftermath of trauma. Therapeutically-based classes help students gently reconnect with their bodies in a safe, supportive manner that emphasizes choice, mindfulness and ease. An ideal adjunct to traditional psychotherapy.

60-minute In Person Semi-Private Yoga Classes
Semi-private classes mean booking me to work closely with you and a group of up to four people in the studio. This is for you if:

  • you want to enhance your at-home yoga practice with in-person learning
  • you’d like help setting up a home practice
  • you’re working with an injury, you’re pregnant, or have any specific concerns about joining an online yoga class or doing yoga alone at home
  • you learn better in-person and want a teacher with you in the room
  • you’d simply like to enjoy an in-person yoga class with a small group of friends or family

In order to book a class, email with your preferred teacher, availability, and any information on what you’d like to get from the practice. When you book and pay for the session, you may bring up to three other people with you. You are also welcome to coordinate with other yoga students to come together and practice with similar goals. Classes will be conducted at Ocean & Crow Yoga Space at 1707 Grant St. COVID protocols will be in place.

The Resilient Living™ Trauma Day Treatment Program at Boreal Wellness
This program aims to improve daily functioning and over-all quality of life for clients, and assist them with returning to work (if appropriate). Topics that are covered include self-care, safety, understanding how PTSD/OSI impacts your body, emotions, triggers and relationships.
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To discuss bringing a Fine Balance Trauma Informed Yoga Class to you contact me.  To discuss developing classes on Vancouver Island, please contact Sarah Holmes de Castro.

“I just wanted to share how much I loved tonight’s class. You know, yoga has been something I have wanted try again, for a long time now, but never got around to it. I did try it 3 different times/classes/teachers about 10 years ago or more, but it never was a match – too hard to get myself into those positions and I was very self-conscious. However, tonight was different. It helped being so small and intimate but more then that it was ‘you’. You made me feel so completely comfortable to be exactly where I am in my own skin as it is now. I mean really, what else is there?! You are a gifted woman who has an innate ability to ‘tune in’ and to lead through the lens of unconditional acceptance.”

Participant, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Classes for Women, 2013

“Nicole Emily Marcia is a masterful facilitator of trauma-sensitive yoga. There is growing consensus in trauma theory that the body plays an important role in healing. Nicole’s approach to yoga offers trauma survivors a wonderful supplement to traditional talk therapy, one that can help cultivate a compassionate bodily awareness. On top of that, Nicole is focused, gentle, and kind; a real pleasure to work with.”

-Andrew Herfst, MA, RCC, CCC